designed to automate key business processes

customized Solutions

Xelerate Makes It Easy

Xelerate expertise serving clients from different industries works with you to determine the best NetSuite solution for your business, selecting the software modules you can benefit from, and customizing it to your operational processes, system reporting, user-roles, and NetSuite Arabization.

The Unified CRM And ERP System Helps Providing Personalized Customer Experience And Help The Business Scale.

Enterprise Resources Planning

Make smarter decisions faster

Make Better Decisions

Gain access and easily customize dashboards, reports and visual analytics to provide a summary level overview or an in-depth account of business activity.

Simplify Your Business

Automate manual processes to save time and free up resources to better serve customers, identify new opportunities and outpace the competition.

Run a Global Business

Get real-time visibility at local, regional and headquarter levels, and standardize business processes across all divisions and subsidiaries.

Professional Services Automation

From start to finish, run great projects

On Time and Within Budget

Maintain current and accurate status insights so you can identify and handle problems on spot, and gain insights into the project expenses with accuracy.

Track Skills and Availability

Increase utilization by easily identifying and assigning consultants who are on the bench or attached to another team and make the most of your resources.

Customer Relationship Management

manage current and potential customers

Sales Force Automation

Integrated sales processes from opportunity, upsell and quote management to sales forecasting, order management, fulfillment
and commissions.

Single Data Source

Single view of each customer across all channels provides you with complete visibility into all online, in-store and phone transactions and interactions.

Customer Satisfaction

Streamline executing marketing campaigns across multiple channels, access customer information at anytime to help drive customer satisfaction and retention.

Everything Related To Inventory Control Just Got Easier Knowing What's In Transit And Whether Vendors Can Meet Demand.

Supply Chain Management

Manage and optimize your supply chain

One System, Real-Time Data

Supply chain management system records and updates production data, financial reports, inventory and outstanding orders in real-time customized reports.

Oversee The Flow Of Goods

Understand your demand, appropriately allocate resources and schedule and oversee production to ensure products are available to sell as promised.

Increased Profitability

Decrease the costs associated with planning and executing supply chain processes, and use predictive analytics to identify potential risks.

Cutting Out The Manual Time And Energy Has Really Saved Us On Payroll And More.

Planning and Budgeting

fast and accurate budgets and forecasts

Data Synchronization

Automated, ongoing access to
up-to-date financial data, reducing the reliance on manual data input and reconciliations which gives you better control.

Participation & Accountability

All stakeholders are connected streamlining data collection, making it easier for finance to get meaningful input and engagement from operational managers.

Current Business Situation

Creating a single version of information, changes in the system are automatically reflected in reports and dashboards, so the current situation is always clear.

Profitability & Cost Management

track project profitability

Real Time Data & Reports

Track project profitability and relate that profitability back to your general ledger, displaying the current revenue, cost, profit, and margin for your project.

Job Costing

Job Costing lets you calculate costs for labor based on tracked time, and account for those costs in your general ledger to determine what the costs are attributed to.

Cash Management

get real-time cash flow insights

Account Reconciliations

Automate bank account management and reconciliation, create and post transactions automatically from imported bank data and third parties.

Optimize Working Capital

Get accurate financial reports that will provide the insights you need to optimize working capital, forecast cash requirements and deliver accurate reporting.

Treasury Management System

Automate the repetitive steps needed in the governance of policies and procedures created to ensure the company will manage financial risks successfully.

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Financial Consolidation

reduce the risk of financial fraud

Centralized Oversight

Access to financial data with real-time visibility at both subsidiary and parent levels that gives you deeper insights into organizational performance.

Reduce Risk Of Fraud

Continually monitor financial and operational systems and restrict access to sensitive data with role- and user-based access controls.

Increased Efficiency

Eliminate the cost and complexity of managing multiple accounting and ERP systems by operating the entire business on a single platform.

Tax Reporting

tax determination and compliance

Configurable Tax Engine

Handle local taxes across subsidiaries and retain historical rate changes. That means SuiteTax automatically applies the right rate to every transaction, every time.

Generate Detailed Reports

Effortlessly generate detailed reports, analyze transactions in real-time, saving time, reducing costs and eliminating manual calculations.

System Integrations

Integrate transaction tax determination and tax reporting within the same system used for sales, billing, revenue recognition, payment processing and more.