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Why Partner With Us?

We Align Our Success With Our Client’s Success

Our team takes on the responsibility to set a clear road map for your business digital transformation and provide customized NetSuite ERP solutions specific to your business needs.

Certified Partner

Certified Oracle NetSuite alliance partner with proven expertise in maximizing the efficiency and functionality of ERP systems.

Business Knowledge

Our knowledge of different business industries and it's processes enables us to determine the best End-to-End NetSuite solution for your business.

15 Years Experience

15 years experience in ERP consultation, project management, analysis, design, implementation, development, and Arabization.

Xelerate Services

Your one-stop NetSuite Oracle Partner

Supporting you from the get-go, utilizing our vast experiences and robust knowledge of ERP software to help you streamline everyday business operations and boost growth.​

NetSuite Consultation

Professional analysis of business processes and systems to detect areas where NetSuite ERP technology can improve day-to-day operations.

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Netsuite Implementation

Process automation to streamline all business activities and tasks efficiently.

Custom configuration & Arabization to address business-specific requirements.

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Netsuite Integration

Delivering end to end NetSuite integration services, including standard integration, error handling, security model, and creating custom roles.

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Netsuite Optimization

Executing a continuous improvement program and ERP system optimization with focused objectives on efficiency, compliance, and internal controls.

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Xelerate Support

Every Step of The Way

Being a NetSuite alliance partner, we are well poised to support you taking the next big leap that will help your business grow and help you make smarter decisions faster every step of the way.

Remote and on-site support services for existing and new clients.

Arabization, customization, integration and additional development.

Field level extensions based on Mobility solutions on Hand Held devices.

Additional services, migrations and updates for existing clients.

Our Unique Support Process

With decades of NetSuite experience serving over 50 customers, Xelerate highly responsive team is there when you need them.

Post-Launch Support and Maintenance Standards

Expert Support Team

Assigned team members with related experience to maintain continuity and familiarity.

Service On Demand

We offer on-demand support and maintenance services for all our NetSuite clients.

In-Depth Analysis

In-depth analysis for any issues and discussing fixes and workarounds collaboratively.

Advanced Netsuite

Implementation Methodology

01. Initiation & Project Planning

Understanding business needs, timeline, and corresponding risks to address the business requirements in a precise manner.


A kickoff meeting that involves the entire team to review the project plan and communicate the company’s objectives for the project.


Kickoff Meetings – Project Planning – Requirement Documents

02. Analysis & Data Gathering

Before we begin any NetSuite project, we ask our clients why this project is important and what do they need to achieve from it.


We discover the company’s and users’ goals of, review the current process, design/configure/setup of the new processes, and create the BRD.

03. Design Solution Document

We will present you with the “solution document” which contains customer process flows, roles, and screenshots for main processes forms to get the idea close and explain the financial impact for the transaction, to discuss, amend, and get final approval from the business to move on to the system configuration.


Design Milestone Deliverable:
Solution Document.

04. System Configuration

In this phase we configure the new system and start educating the business team through deliverable sessions.


In these reviews the business team is getting educated on how to use the new system and its capabilities.


These sessions also help us identify any issues that needs to be adjusted.


At the End Of This Milestone the Business Team Approves the New System Configuration.

05. Validate Business Processes

Acceptance testing is the final quality control procedure to determine whether the NetSuite ERP system is performing as expected, determining whether the NetSuite system’s functionalities are aligning with the pre-defined requirements in the solution document.


Validate Milestone Deliverable:
Business Team Acceptance Test.

06. Deploy Processes & Data

Deployment is the culmination of all the work up until this point, in this step we start loading and entering the static live data that has been extracted and cleaned from your legacy system into NetSuite ERP system.


You will also be able to manually enter any static data that is not being loaded at this time.

Start to train the end users on processing data flows in the system.


Deploy Milestone Deliverables:
End User Training Material.

07. System Optimization

After the NetSuite system goes live, the whole purpose of the company’s project team is going to go through a shift, and as users start working with the new system implementing some changes and adjustments to the new system may become necessary.


The optimization phase is concerned with final tuning of the system configuration and helps in discovering potentials for enhancements.

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